Sabrina, fifteen. I only blog when I feel like it. I don't expect and do not wish anyone would read whatever I write as they are written out of pure boredom and I will most probably be embarrassed if you went to my older posts but I'm too lazy to delete things so yeah.

mini-rant // Friday
10:06 AM
Good morning. So I woke up pretty early today, thank goodness. Since I have nothing better to do, I just thought I could blog. One thing about blog though, I've been keeping up with this blog for 3 years now. It's kind of amazing huh. Well, it is the only place where I can rant and say shit other people won't understand- HAHAHAH no shut up.

So, I have around 20 days left until school starts and 36 days left until my birthday, which also officially declare that I am a fifteen year old. yaaaaaaay. I'm really ecstatic, I just don't know how to show it ugh. But yeah, I'm really excited to start off another great year. Although I've never been a 'great' student, school has been really fun since I've started getting myself a couple of friends. I remember the lonely first days in kindergarten, gosh, but then I made friends and yeah, I guess that's the beauty of childhood. School gave me a couple of bad experiences, but I guess I don't really mind, since the good memories seems way more than the bad ones.

I've realized I'm not really the best friend a person can have, that's why I'm really thankful to have all these amazing girls coloring my days over and over again.
Well yeah. I still have a few tasks in my personal check list that I haven't done, and I hope I can take my time and get them done by next year. Hopefully, if I had the chance. 
Well, as much as I want to rant some more, I need to get some things done, so yeah. 

peace out