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My Idol ! (: // Thursday
9:18 AM
Hay peeps ! 
Today I'll be talking about my beloved idols ! (:
Without them , I won't be so inspired to do anything in life (:
They're no other than ..
Yep ! It's Girls' Generation ! Also known as , So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) :D
I love these girls for SO many reasons I don't think I can state all of them here (x These girls are one of the most popular girl groups in Korea but that's not the reason I love them (x Though these girls are on top , they actually worked HARD for reaching that place . Some of you 'haters' ( stands ) might not know anything about these girls and what they had to go through for reaching the top . And it's not all about hard work , each and every single one of them has a talent and has their own unique beauty and character . I know , cheesy ! (x But yea , I'm telling the truth ! :D That's why they inspire me SO much ! I know some people would say they did 'plastic surgery' and as a SONE , I would say they didn't but even if they DID , it doesn't matter at all . Most kpop idols does surgery but it's the talent and aura of beauty that matters and you can't get surgery for that . And yes , I said 'aura of beauty' (x Every woman has it ! But it depends on their confidence . The higher your confidence , the more beautiful you look (;
ANYWAYS , back to the topic ! (x Even I love SNSD so much , there's always a biased one (x And that girl is no other than .. (:
Tiffany Hwang ! (: 
For ME , she's the most gorgeous member of SNSD ! :D And second is the rest of the girls (: The reason I find her prettier than the rest is because of her eye smile ! ^_^ I wish I had that pretty smile of hers (: 

And have you peeps ever listened to her singing before ? Well if you haven't , go check out her solos ! It's pure awesomeness ! She's one of the best vocalist in SNSD and she's drop-dead gorgeous ! She's just so perfect *to me* ! ^_^ And it made me cry everytime she mentions her mother . She'd always cry T^T I feel awful that her mother died when she was at a young age .. Not to mention she loved her mother so much until now . But yea , one of the reasons I love her so much is because , even when she's been through a lot , she'd always smile . Even when she's crying (': That's why she's my ultimate idol :D 
And I think I'm done ! (x I have TONS more to say about my beloved girls but I'm too tired to type ! x.x I should end it here , BYEE !