Sabrina, fifteen. I only blog when I feel like it. I don't expect and do not wish anyone would read whatever I write as they are written out of pure boredom and I will most probably be embarrassed if you went to my older posts but I'm too lazy to delete things so yeah.

Another inspiration? // Monday
1:10 AM
Hey yalls! I've decided to update today because I'm pretty much bored and as you know, I have no life so yepp here I am. So I have around a week until school starts. And if some of you know, my birthday is on the 18th of January so I'm turning 14 in two weeks, tops? Time flies by so fast, I literally still feel like I'm just entering Secondary school yesterday. Damn, I'm getting old, farewell youth and hello wrinkles.

I pretty much haven't bought anything or even did anything yet. So I guess I might be rushing on the last minute this year, sounds familiar though brohoho. Anyways, since I've got nothing to do and nothing else to share, I'll just share to you this amazing artist I've discovered a few days back. Some of you might be familiar with her, some of you might not. Anyways, she's truly one of the bests singers I've heard. She speaks through my heart and gives me chills.

Eff yeah, its the amazing Sara Bareilles. Her lyrics are just simply remarkable. Just. Gah. One of her best work, in my opinion is Bright Lights and Cityscapes and Beautiful Girl. They're just perfect. :3

I personally like Bright Lights and Cityscapes better but its a bit slow idk and Beautiful Girl's lyrics just speaks to me more. Orz, I'm blabbering too much about her aren't I? Idk. I want to, let me be~ Anyways, something other than music I have nothing much to say? Omg, I suck, nvm. Byeummm!