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Bringing a little love to the table // Monday
8:29 PM
Hello peeps. I haven't update in a while since I'm busy with school stuffs. Well, the big news is I've joined the school elite team so yay for more extra curricular points! I've been a slut to all activities since the government canceled Pmr and decided to bring out PBS, so good for me.

I was playing games like the usual nerdy me and I felt like I should update so here I am. Well, I thought I'd share my top 10 recommended and personal favorite love songs.

1)Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ozzie Nelson - this song is the oldest in my list and I have to say the sweetest love song ever. Idk, maybe it's the oldies sound that makes it so nice, it's just amoozing, like a-ma-zing. That is why it deserves to be number one.

2)Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontage - its one of my favorites out of all the other songs. It's one of those songs that makes me want to jump around in happiness Idk whether my brain problem has something to do with it or it's just a beautifully made song

3)More Than Words by Extreme - what makes this song so freaking awesome is that it has everything that a love song should have. It has that mellow sweet melody, the sweet sweet meaningful lyrics and beautiful voice. It's just pure perfection. 

4)Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer - right, so, this song is one of my favorite old love songs. It's one of those songs that never gets old. I think most of you would know this song, it's so freaking awesome.

5)Everything by Michael Buble - okay. first of all, not being biased or anything but seriously, isn't his voice the most sexy shit ever. I mean, one direction can't beat that. And, this is also one of my favorite ones, it's just perfect. 

6)Falling in love in a coffee shop by Landon Pigg - this is my ultimate ultimate ultimate ultimate favorite so far. Idk, the music just makes me feel all giddy and he's hot lol. I just can't describe this song in words, it's just amazing, just amazing. And people who thinks the opposite are obviously having a stroke. 

7)Bright Lights and Cityscapes by Sara Bareilles - okay, finally a female artist and one of the most amazing one too. This song is the only song in my list about a heartbreak. The lyrics are just remarkable and deep and it gives me chills all the time. Whenever I listen to it, I just feel this hole in me like I'm the one going through the heartbreak. Unconditional love, man. 

8)Enchanted by Taylor Swift - I found this song because of the movie, The Vow. Although she's quite overrated for an artist but this song of hers is one of the greatest love songs I've heard. In my point of view, of course. I highly recommend it.

9)Bubbly by Colbie Caillat - first of all, I was honestly struggling to pick my favorite out of all her songs as all of them are asdkjkjsah. The reason why I think this is her best track is because of the melody and lyrics. Idk, something about those things just make me love this song. 

10)It's Love by Kina Grannis - Found this on Michelle Phan's video. And it's one of those sweet songs that makes me wanna sleep. Lol that came out wrong. I mean, it's relaxing and sweet. Plus, she has one of the best voices in Youtube.