Sabrina, fifteen. I only blog when I feel like it. I don't expect and do not wish anyone would read whatever I write as they are written out of pure boredom and I will most probably be embarrassed if you went to my older posts but I'm too lazy to delete things so yeah.

crushing crush crushed crushitivity crushanomy crusherrific // Saturday
12:08 AM

ayy yayy. so, I've decided to update today since I've just healed from my terrible fever and now I can finally type! so yay. ahnywey, two days ago was my second koku day in Smkm. It was ok, kind of fun actually. Jamal Abdillah and Intan Ladyana was there too. It was exciting but not as exciting as taking pictures with my crush ah ha ha ha! See this? 


Doesn't he just take your breath away? Lol. I mean, whatever, you people won't understand how I feel. Kraaise. I also got to take picture with my other crushes but my fav is with him eh eheheh he. I'm kinda excited right now. And bored. I mean seriously, why is it that when I have the mood to skype, no one's online and when I have no mood, everyone seems to want to skype with me gahd.
Well, the gif of taengoo has nothing to do with this post whatsoever. I just thought it belonged here haha. To get rid of my boredom, I will watch some real nice romantic movie and make a post about it right after I finish watching. That is if I don't fall asleep lol. Bye!