Sabrina, fifteen. I only blog when I feel like it. I don't expect and do not wish anyone would read whatever I write as they are written out of pure boredom and I will most probably be embarrassed if you went to my older posts but I'm too lazy to delete things so yeah.

tiff-a-dorable // Tuesday
11:25 PM
hey strangers! so, I was just going through weheartit and and I've fallen in love over and over again with my wife's cuteness. If you don't know who my wife is, she's Tiffany Hwang. Actual name, Stephanie Hwang but she had to use the name Tiffany since there were already a Stephanie in the ent. Since I'm married to her my name is Sabrina Hwang ohoho. slapped. okay, moving on, so, I was just thinking of how fanatic I am about her and I thought, why not share it to the world? <3 baby ppany. Jjang!