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nervous, anxious, edgy, whatever you call it // Thursday
7:51 PM

Hey everybody. So, another post. Right. So, after two whole days of doing nothing but sleeping, eating and reading, I've decided to turn on my laptop and actually do something else because I am seriously sick and tired of reading fics online ( not that I'm complaining though ). Anywho, school is ending in like, 5 weeks, and I have tons and tons of work to finish and projects and PBS shit and just, a hectic month left for me, you could put it that way. But all those assignments aside, I actually still have an exam going on thanks Malaysian government for confusing the fuckery out of me. Sorry, not sorry. But I am a little relieved we have examinations, not going to lie. Heh. Still, I have limited time to study like, 8 freaking text books in a week. A week, I repeat. Or so. I mean, not that I would make use of my time if I had an extension, but it's still a little nerve-wrecking since my result will decide whether or not I will stay in first class. I'm trying to be optimistic here, but I'd be lying if I said I don't feel nervous at all. No, I'd be outright shit-lying in your faces. Because I am damn well, pretty nervous. But, hey, I'm ignorant, so instead of  burying my face in books and trying to make myself smarter, I'm complaining about it in a blog that no one reads so props to me, yes! Yay, congratulations and celebrations da da da da
No, no. I'm actually worried here, so complaining is a must unless you want me to rip my scalp off out of stress, no? Thought so. Right. Honestly though, I'm a little scared not only for myself, but for what will things turn out to be next year. I mean, as much as I despise, no wait, I loathe some assholes who are also, my so-called classmates, there are other people who I do not want, moving into our class and I personally, do not want to see my friends get separated. Do you know what irks me to death? CHEATING. I mean, I personally have done that many times before. I am not going to lie. But, I freaking hate it when people cheat during important tests, like, finals to be exact. I mean, come on, now, imagine a girl, a girl who has an average IQ level, who is in the first class, who has grown attached to everyone in that class, who has friends that looks forward to her everyday, who throws and gets thrown surprise or non-surprise birthday parties due to some important days, who has gone through two whole years of friendship with her classmates and does her best in one test, while others cheat and then, gets thrown into another class, a much lower class, meanwhile her friends stay in the first class, including those who cheated. I just, I don't smell justice in there, forgive my corny-ness, but I can't help it. It's just unfair, to anyone, really. And even if, let's say, no one in the first class cheats ( which is highly impossible but whatever ), but everyone else in other classes cheats their way up and ends up with a result that are similar with half of the students in the first class. I know, these things happens more than they should in this society, heck- in this world if you ask me. But, honestly, I just irk it to death. It sickens my core. It makes me want to start being bulimic just so I can vomit out the crap out of myself and get that disgusting feeling out of the back of my ass. No, I'm exaggerating, but still, I loathe cheaters. Loathe them. I loathe them to death. I may not deserve it, but some people do, they deserve to stay in the first class while others deserve to go down. And yet, I should know better that tests are thrown to us, well, to test us duh. But still, looking at them like that just sickens me. What did humanity did wrong to deserve these changes. Oh cow. I need dinner, badly. 
Raging, aren't we. I need a release from all this anger built up inside of meeeeeee. Hah. And now I shall release them through crappy posts like these. Also, I just like typing in an angry manner, it makes my typing go rapidly fast and so, I feel like a cool person who types fast. Mah hah hah. Oh and, twitter sucks now. No shit. Nothing is there, really. Tumblr is still amazing. So is LJ and AFF. And, this is pointless. Farewell.