Sabrina, fifteen. I only blog when I feel like it. I don't expect and do not wish anyone would read whatever I write as they are written out of pure boredom and I will most probably be embarrassed if you went to my older posts but I'm too lazy to delete things so yeah.

December Breeze // Tuesday
11:52 AM
Hey. So it's been months ( I think? ) since I've last blogged so, I thought I could kill my boredom by blogging so yeah. I've realized every time I blogged it's either about music, singers or just complaints lol. Well, I've never expected anyone to read any of my blog posts to be honest. I can complain if I want to okay..

So uhm, these past few weeks have went through pretty quickly, as they usually do every year of November-December. School holidays, we look forward to it but we end up doing nothing the whole month. Sighh. But ho hey, I'm kind of proud that I actually got out of the house more than a bunch of times. Patting myself on the back right now, great job sport. So I've been caught up with a lot of thinking these days. Not even kidding. I pretty much think most of my time. About stuff, you know. I guess it's just one of the processes of growing up? Right? Adults think a lot..I think. See what I did there? I thought. Yeah no I have no sense of humor these days sighhhh. I'm pretty sure I'm over thinking myself. It has reaches to a point where I find it very unhealthy but then I just keep doing it. Like alcoholics and their wine or something, you know. Maybe they prefer beer idk I don't care why am I talking about alcohol anyway.

Getting back on track. Aside from thinking about useless and disturbing stuff, I've also been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do next year, since I'm turning fifteen in a month or so, I guess it's kind of crucial for every teen to think so right. About time I start growing up? I may sound immature for a fourteen year old tbh but hey, I'm pretty sure fifteen is the perfect age for us to start growing up. I'm getting tired from all these useless shit and roller-coaster train wrecked fuck thingy stuff going around, you dig? I just feel like I'll end up being me and not doing anything progressive at all. But, I'm actually over the douche so yay, I might get to quit that dumb website that's been eating all of my time. I'm kidding, the douche is actually kind of nice, kinda. I just don't like getting used so whatevs y'know.

I'm actually focusing on my writing this holiday. I've read quite a few amazing stories. I mean, they're not a huge in your face kind of writing but I'm still entertained. I just wish they all stop using the same writing style so I can actually learn more. Maybe I should try a different website. No wait, I tried that before and it sucked so never mind.

Anyways, it's the third of December today and it's in the year of 2013 and the weather has been really cold lately so I've been hibernating for a while hah hah. I'm kind of promising myself that by 31st December I'll list down all my new year's resolution to be a better and more mature Sabrina. As impossible as that sounds /giggles/. Oh you. Back to boring reading and youtube watching I guess. Hm ciao.